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Post Overland Expo

     Well, Expo is over and man, what a time we had.  It's always fun putting names to faces or in my case, trucks to faces.  Unfortunately, my 60 wasn't together in time to take up, but it was still an awesome time.  My lady friend has never been before, so that was a fun first trip for her and to see what exactly I'm about.   

     One thing that really stood out of the show for me, was meeting Alan with Blue Ridge Chair Works and trying out the different models he has.  If you want to talk about craftsmanship, look no further because Alan is crushing it.  Between the chairs, tables, and shower mat, he's covering all the bases and I'm afraid I'll end up owning the whole line of products.  One thing to me that has always really made a camp spot, is how you relax once you are all setup.  Blue Ridge Chair Works has that covered, not only do they pack up really nice and tight, but they're super comfy as well.  If you haven't seen or heard about them, go check out the website, I can promise you won't regret it. 

And as always, this is Rich signing off.    

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