The Most Epic Wedding Night Ever (And I’ve been to a Lot)

     As I said in my previous post, I would elaborate a little more about the day/night Emily and I got married. And no, I don’t say it’s epic because I’m biased, the shit was.  

     Now for the story!! After getting married in the middle of the creek, surrounded by some of our closest friends and family, we ran almost everyone off. Haha. This was all taking place in Greenville, AL, on a friend of mine’s family land. It’s a 2300 acre piece of property that is absolutely beautiful and incredibly well managed. Well, after the ceremony we got my truck all setup for a night of camping, started a fire, and cracked some beers. Derrick, his wife, and my buddy Thomas(the landowner/wedding photographer), all stuck around for some festivities. Unfortunately, Brittany, Derrick’s wife had to work the next morning bright and early, so they weren’t able to stay and hang out. But that didn’t stop us from having a few hours of fun. 

     It got a little later and as usual, we all got a little hungry and decided to run into town for some dinner. After a few more beers and a solid meal, we were all pretty fat and sassy. We said goodbye to Derrick and Brit and we were headed back to the land. Thankfully, Emily was good to drive as she had only had a few beers. It was a pretty short ride back to the land and upon arrival, the flood gates of deer opened up. The trail off the main road is about a mile and a half, within that stretch, we saw at least 30 deer cross in front of us. Two of those being killer 10 and 12 point bucks, as soon as they crossed, a 200-ish pound pig trots across the trail. Well, that was all the sign Thomas and I needed. I left my AR in my truck, but luckily Thomas had his .380 pocket pistol. I did however have my Fenix flashlight with me, so out we went to hose the pig. It only took a few seconds to track her and she was down. 

     At this point, we were absolutely blood thirsty. So we headed back down to my truck, grabbed my rifle, and a few more beers. We spent the next several hours  rolling around trying to find more pigs, but to no avail. We did however have a bunch of laughs and made some incredible memories. After driving through several creeks and getting into some of the slick stuff, Emily decided she really enjoyed driving off-road and gave me the green light to do a few upgrades to the 4Runner. 

     So, as you can tell, epic is pretty decent discription of our wedding night. Redneck maybe?? Ha. But it’s hilarious how far I am from redneck. Anyway, hopefully this gave you a laugh at the very least. 

And until next time, this is Rich, signing off.  

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