The 4Runner

     This past summer, my wife Emily and I went up to Birmingham to Hoover Toyota to look at 4Runners. She had always liked that platform and with just a little coaxing from me, it was an easy sell.  I’ve talked a little bit about our new truck in the past, but we have some new stuff happening to it finally. 

     Now granted, it won’t be built out nearly to the extent as my 60 or for that matter, anything I would own. But, we had both decided it would be nice having it for road trips and just being a lot more comfortable than my old truck. 

     And now for the good stuff!! I recently ordered a full length roof rack from LFD Off-Road for the truck. I had originally picked up the crossbars for it, but being both of my tents are pretty long, I wasn’t able to bolt down the front of the tent. Not only is it going to look a lot cooler, it’s going to be functional and we’ll be able to use our tents while my 60 is still in the shop. But wait!! There’s more!!! After our wedding day(I’ll elaborate in another blog) she decided more light was needed and if you know me, you know I’m a Baja Designs whore. Luckily enough, they make a kit that replaces your factory fogs with some of their retinal burning lights. So we’ll be replacing those with the Squadron Pros in the wide cornering lenses. Finally(for now), we’ll be adding the Bilstein leveling struts in the front. I’ve been toying with the idea of putting a dual battery system in it, too, for when I want to throw my Dometic in the back and take off. 

     That will do it for now and hopefully, she’ll like all the new upgrades. Also, if you haven’t checked out the LFD stuff, do it. They are constantly expanding their line of products for Toyota’s and have some great products. 

And as always, this is Rich signing off.  

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