Cargo Solutions

     On the very long list of things to talk about is the packing portion of the traveling and I figured now is a better time than ever. That being said, let’s get into it!!

     One of the hardest parts of extended travel is the packing. We normally do at least one two week trip a year, with lots of smaller trips thrown in there too. So after several years of regular trips, I’ve got it down pretty decent and I’ll tell you my secret. Stackable, waterproof-ish, plastic bins. Specifically, the Front Runner Outfitters Wolf Pack. They work beautifully for my setup. I’ve figured out if you keep about four of them around, you’ll have all the packable space you need. Just for the record, I’m generally packing for myself, the wife, and two kids.

     Not only do they work well for the obvious, but they’re great for use around camp. Something to stand on, something to sit on, hell, even something to throw a cutting board on and do some food prep. Point of the story, they really are a great all around camping item. So if you’re in the market for a storage box that doubles as a garage organizer, look no further, ya found it!!

And on that note, this is Rich signing off.

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