Off the Grid Surplus

     I recently had the opportunity to slide into a pair of the Off the Grid Surplus Trailblazer 2.0 and oooo damn. I was pretty impressed!! Initially, I wasn’t a fan of how tight the cuffs were (that being the bit that sits over your shoe), but once getting my boots on and realizing they had elastic in them, I changed my mind!! I’m kind of a girl about clothes. What can I say, it’s a lot of fun getting fly. Some of the best times are getting dressed up and having too many drinks with your friends at a wedding. That being said, I’m obviously a pretty big fan of staying in the woods for weeks on end too. To make packing easier, I’ll try and take as few a clothes as possible. 

     The pants are built great. It’s not a senseless amount of pockets to loose your stuff in, but perfect amount. The zipper pocket on the driver side leg holds my cellular device beautifully and in the event you’re out doing some shooting, you’ve got two mag pockets above the normal back pockets. One thing cool I noticed about the elastic cuffs, I drive a lifted Land Cruiser and jumping in and out will forever keep the tops of your boots uncovered by your pants. This is no longer the case. Between that, everything being triple stitched, and expanded room in the crotch, man, they really are some comfortable pants. Ideally, you would have three pairs-ish (depending on time of year and where) for a two week trip and just rotate out every three or so days. Moral of the story is I like them a lot and will be after some more!! 

As always, this is Rich signing off.  

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