Southern Xpeditions in the Ham

     Well, Jim has recently bought this bad ass 2014 Tacoma that has been flat bedded and a custom, removable, camping tray for it. The thing is too sick. I wheeled it a little at ATR and was just dumbfounded at how capable the thing was. Now, granted it does have 37s, but it sounds like he’s downgrading to a 35. Anyway, he had planned to go to Birmingham so Derrick could help him wire up the back of the truck. Well, I decided I would go and now, Granger has decided he’s going too. So we’re just going to have us a big damn time and wire up a truck. If I had to guess, I’d say some alcohol will be consumed as well. I’ll be sure to do a post on the aftermath and all the upgrades we get done. Because there will be some surprises. That’s all I’ve got today. 

As always, this is Rich signing off.  

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