If you live in the south, you know what I mean. Unfortunately, we only have soo much time to get all the camping in, before you start having to head further and further north. I’m going to take advantage of that fact. Right now is not the best time for the 60 to be making any long trips. Although, she preformed beautifully to and from the Smokey Mountain Overland Rally, we had some problems too. To begin with and most importantly, my hubs decided to shit the bed, so I have a bad ass 2wd at the moment. Also, a few of the more aggressive hills, shall we say, in north Georgia, killed my truck. At one point, I was doing 35 in 3rd gear, struggling to make it to the top with the rest of traffic. So that’s getting fixed. Along with new hubs, the ole girl will be getting some fresh 4.56s for gears and probably a locker for the rear. 

     Between all of that and a few other small things, I should have a damn realiable truck. Or about as realiable as a 31 year old truck can be. We’re gearing up for a trip this fall that will be the biggest and longest to date for the ole girl and I don’t want to have to worry about anything.  

     In other news, my lady friend has been shopping for 4Runners and I’ve gotten to help!! It seems as if she’s finally found something she likes and we’ve already placed the order. She’ll be the new owner of a SR5 Premium, with the XP Predator package. It’s 4wd and capable enough to still take it in the woods, but nothing super crazy with a bunch of extra shit she didn’t need. I’m really excited to say the least, I normally do all of the driving and it’ll be nice to have this thing for trips if my truck happens to be down.  

     Anyway, that’s all that I’ve got for now. This is Rich, signing off.  

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