The changes that come with time

The fact that some of you are here and reading this is just remarkable and thank you so much for following along on our journey! It has been a crazy year since we brought this idea from a conversation between friends into what it is today. 

Now some of you may ask what is Southern Xpeditions? Why do you spell it weird? Well lets see if I can answer some of the basic's.

Southern Xpeditions started as a group of guys who came together after Overland Expo East 2016 at the Biltmore is Asheville, NC. Rich and I had been friends since college and Jim I had never met before that night that entirely too much moonshine was poured. We all bonded over one common goal. UTAH!!!

Not to spoil the end but we did it. We traveled hundreds of miles through deserts and over mountains across the state of Utah on the Backcountry Discovery Route. On top of that we filmed it, or at least did our best. And trying to show everyone how much fun and how beautiful it truly is out west! I know we aren't a first rate production company but we did it! We set a goal and accomplished it!

Where do we go from here? Good question, but for now we know that this hosting of the Overland Challenge and helping Veteran based Veteran operated Veteran Focused charities is something special and we hope that you continue to follow along as we try to make a real positive impact on this community and other peoples lives....... Oh and did i forget to mention have a damn good time along the way?

Stay tuned for what is sure to be a fun ride!


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