Camping and Extra Gears

     Well, hope everyone had a great Easter weekend with family or whatever you did.  Like I said, we escaped for a few days of “solitude,” at least as much as you can have with children. Haha. But anyway, super happy with all of the additional mods we did last week. My steering feels great, she tracks a whole hell of a lot straighter and the extra gear is just heavenly. At one point, I was doing 75 on I10 and only turning 2300(ish) rpms. Which is a HUGE change from the 4 speed.  

     I actually returned to find a few surprises in the mail, one being a fan shroud for my two 12” electric fans. So now, hopefully I can free up a few horses with that upgrade and never have to worry about overheating again. I also realized my universal joints need replacing. So that’s going to happen here soon too. I’ve decided to go ahead and replace my shocks. Everything was good when I lifted my truck the 2”-2.5”, but then I did a shackle reversal in the front and extended shackles in the rear and that screwed me. That being said, I’ll be measuring for new shock lengths and hopefully getting some new ones ordered to help with my ride. We’re basically done with camping season this far south, but I’ll have her better than new by the time that rolls back around. 

That about does it for today, so as always, this is Rich signing off. 

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