SMOR, Here We Come.

     Well, as you can tell by the title we’re headed to the Smokey Mountain Overland Rally this coming weekend. This will be the longest trip to date with the 60 I’m finishing up a few last things before we go. To begin with, I got some airbags thrown on the rear to help carry the ass end of the old girl. Since the new 5 speed has gone in, I’ve noticed that my rear u-joints need replacing, so that’s also happening. The fan shroud for my radiator and dual 12” fans finally arrived, so my clutch fan is coming off and those are going on. Finally, we’re moving my fuel pump to the rear of the truck. It’s a “push” pump, instead of a “pull” pump and it’s currently under the hood, so this will allow it to run more efficiently. A new throwout bearing for my clutch arrived yesterday, so that will be nice getting replaced before the eight hour road trip in the old girl. 

      As far as the rally goes, we’re leading a few trail rides throughout the weekend. So if you’re interested in hanging out, come by and say hello. 

But that’s about it for today and as always, this is Rich signing off.  


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