Events and Upgrades

      Well, as I expected, the Spring Gathering was an awesome time. We meet lots of cool people, hung out with old friends, and got to play with our toys. What more can you really ask for??? But now that we’ve got a little down time, I’m trying to finish up a few last projects on the 60. My 5 speed is finally going in, so hopefully mileage will improve just a little bit. New brake lines are going on to make up for the added few inches of lift, and I’ve got new tie rod ends going on to tighten up my steering. 

     This week is spring break for a bunch of kids around here, so my girlfriend and I are taking her two youngans for a few nights in the woods to try out some of the new gear. This will give me a chance to see how the new transmission is on the road and hopefully play with the new nascar like steering. Ha. I just hope we don’t get carried off by blood suckers, cause it’s damn sure getting that time of year in the South. 😒 But anyway, we’ll have some more events coming up this next month and I can’t wait to hit them all up!!  

As always, this is Rich signing off.  

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