Georgia Bushcraft Spring Gathering

     Hey guys, we’ve got an exciting weekend planned up in Watkinsville, GA.  The Spring Gathering kicks off this Friday morning (March 23) and I hope to see a bunch of you out there!! They’ve got classes planned, vendors will be there, and live music in the evenings.  We’ll have a booth setup and several of us will be around to chat and drink a few beers. We have a few events happening this year and may even be adding a few more.  But if you haven’t heard me talk about how much fun events like this are, you missing out.  Not only is it a chance to kiss some hands and shack some babies, but it’s also a chance to play with ALL of your gear.  Most of the time, unless we’re going to be there for more than one night, camp is pretty minimal.  Not this weekend!! We’ll be there for three nights, so all the toys are coming out.  So stop by and check out some cool shit.  Several of our industry friends will be there as well, including Mountain State Overland and CVT. Anyway, I’m tying down the last few loose ends on the 60 this week and will be rolling Thursday morning. 

And as always, this is Rich signing off. 

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