Rebuilds and Life

     Hey guys, been a while since I’ve posted anything due to life and everything else.  That also means I have a lot to talk about!!  We’ve still been plugging away on my 60 and I’m happy to report that we’re ALMOST finished!!! Parts have been slow coming in and I’ve figured out I needed a few different parts.  But that’s to be expected when rebuilding a 30 year old truck. I fully expect to have my hands full for the duration of this beast.  However, all that is justified when I just look at her. She has come so far from where she was when I bought her three years ago and I can’t wait to put some more adventure miles on her!! I mean, we’ve already been on a few smaller trips, but with this 5 speed going in tomorrow, it’s going to be a lot more fun.  

     On the other pressing news, we finished our first rally this past weekend and man, what a time it was.  Especially since we had such a monkey wrench thrown into the plans at the very last minute. But as in life, we adapted and overcame. I will say, if you weren’t there this time, you damn sure don’t want to miss the next one!! In my experience, it’s events like that where you meet life long friends and are able to establish those connections.  Anyway, I’ll save some stories for my next post.  I’ll try to stay more on top of it now.  

But as always, this is Rich signing off. 

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