The DFG 45 Degree Fridge Slide

     I figured we could have a break in our normally scheduled programming for a quick discussion about fridge slides. So, here we go.    

     Even before I had a Dometic CFX 50, I’ve been looking at fridge slides for a way to keep things a little more organized in the rear of the 60. After getting the fridge, I could tell even more so how imperative I needed one, and if you’ve ever been around the back of my truck, you’ll know what I mean. My drawers sit reasonably high and a straight pullout slide wasn’t going to work. Not to mention, all the ones I’ve found are super expensive. $500+ for the tilting ones like I would need. The main problem with my setup, is that the fridge sits too high on the storage for anyone short to access it. So, a tilt slide is the obvious solution. 

     Enter DFG Offroad. They were first brought to my attention by a friend of ours, Blake. He works for Dometic and had worked with them in the past. Their design is brilliant and absolutely perfect for what I need. Not to mention, the price is super reasonable coming in at under $400. Now there’s no more climbing up on my tailgate for fish beers out of my fridge. It seemlessly slides out and my wife, Emily, can even see what she’s grabbing. Like I said, great design and beautiful price point.  

     So, if you’re in the market for a fridge slide and aren’t into waistfully blowing money, look up DFG Offroad. You won’t be sorry.  

As always, this is Rich signing off.  

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