Ooooh Uwharrie

     After leaving Mud Fest (aka Overland Expo East), we set our navigation towards Uwharrie, North Carolina. We were prepared for a fun filled few days of wheeling and scouting for the upcoming Southern Xpeditions Rally and we wouldn’t be disappointed.  Unfortunately, the rains didn’t stop and the tropical storm that was hitting the Carolina coast wasn’t helping things either.

     We arrived at Overland Experts property Monday a little before lunch. After shaking  hands and seeing everyone again, we set off to pick up our passes for the forest and we hit the trails. As I said before, the moisture was consistently coming out of the sky which made the easy trails, not so easy.  So, you could imagine what that does to that Carolina clay and all that rock. That being said, I can’t wait to get all of the competitors out there and see what they can do. (A word of advice for all the future competitors, beware of the D’s. 😈)  

     We finished the first day of wheeling to find that our planned camp site was almost under water due to the rising creek next to it. So we made the decision to move to higher ground since it was only supposed to rain more. This worked out for the best because of the showers and bathrooms that was right beside us and I can assure you, no one complained about having a hot shower after being out in the rain all day. After three days of riding around the forest and the few different properties Overland Experts have, we had to say our goodbyes and head to the house. Even though it was raining pretty much the entire two weeks of our trip, we had an amazing time. That’s one of my favorite parts about this past time, all the cool, like-minded people you meet. I’ve made so many good friends from all over the country because of it and I’ll always be grateful for that. 

But as always, this is Rich signing off.  

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