Hendersonville, NC

     The Tuesday before Expo, we met up with one of our buddies, Grant and his 4x4 Sprinter in the Pisah National Forest for one last camp before the show. Unfortunately, we got to camp a little later than expected due to so many people camping in the forest. We ended up spending an hour or more trying to find a place to set up camp. So since we were pretty exhausted we just drank a few beers, cooked dinner, and headed to bed for the night.

The next morning, we got up, hit the closest Waffle House, and headed Reeb Ranch. We got to Expo pretty early that Wednesday and got my truck situated like she needed to be. But this was before the rains came and people were already getting stuck. We knew we were in for a long weekend.  

     That first night was awesome, I saw so many friends that live so far away and usually never get the chance to see them all at once. Although it did rain pretty much all night long our CVT Mt Rainier was amazing. We were warm and dry the whole night and it was perfect for a family of 4. The following morning while cooking some sausage, I thought, “damn, it’s nice to have that Dometic!!” 

     Saturday was the first day of some actual sunshine, and I mean that it more ways than one. I proposed to my girlfriend Emily, and she said yes! (A huge thanks to Derrick and Jason Specht from Mountain State Overland for the ninja camera skills to get some pictures of it!) I came up two days ahead of her and she brought along her two kids who are 5 and 7 on Friday. They were finally able to play in the dirt and be “kids” and meet other kids who were there camping. I was finally able to mingle around because Emily was able to reach the inside of my Dometic  fridge because I added a new DFG slide to it, and she could make her own mimosas.

     One of the of the main reasons this event has me coming back, is for the people and the friendships. But after this year I’m not sure. Unfortunately, there was a lack of space to camp and for the vendors area. Between that and the lack of planning for the mud and shuttling people from the parking lot. Which really disappointed me, I’ve met and made friends with so many people in the past years from coming to Expo. Some of my really good friends now, I met at Expo and it’s just a bummer to see that they haven’t been able to quite hit this event on the head. Hopefully they will continue to grow and improve in the future.

      After a few days of mud and some really fun nights with friends new and old, we said farewell to Hendersonville and headed to Uwharrie for some wheeling and hopefully dry weather. We would later find out only one of those things would happen. 

So until then, this is Rich signing off. 

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