Final Push for Expo

     As we approach Overland Expo East, we’re trying to get all the little bits in order. Myself especially, the 60 will be in the CVT booth and I need her looking and functioning  the best she can.  But let’s back up a step. The fun starts a little before all of that. This coming weekend, Georgia Bushcraft is holding their Fall Gathering and that’s where our adventure starts. After that, we’re headed into to North Carolina for some camping and fly fishing for a few nights, then onto Asheville for the big show. After Expo, we’re headed over to Uwarrie National Forest and to see the guys at Overland Experts to start scouting for the Southern Xpeditions Rally. 

      But let’s talk details, I mentioned I have added a few things and one of those things I’ll do a separate blog on itself. The two major changes to the 60 are the new ARB front bumper and a DFG Offroad 45 degree tilting fridge slide. Ultimately, both were needed to get more function out of the truck, but damn sometimes function looks so good. Two absolute killer products. 

     If you’re heading to either events mentioned previously, come by and see me, I can promise you won’t miss me and the ole girl.  

And as always, this is Rich signing off. 

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