To Hard Top Tent or Not, That is the Question.

     So, obviously, you aren't cool unless you sleep on the roof of your truck.  I mean, everyone knows that and if you don't, I'm sorry you're just now finding out you aren't cool.  With that being said, there are a few different options out there for roof top tents.  The ever so popular soft top(like majority of the tents you see), and the more aerodynamic hard shell.  What really is the advantages to either one??  Well, after spending well over three months in some of these models, I have some pros and cons for you.  

     I've always liked the soft shells, the price isn't ridiculous, you have the option of the annex, and they can get pretty big.  However, I'm not sure about most of you, but I drive a brick and I'm not trying to put an additional brick on top of my original one.  Not only that, the setup and take down can be a little worrisome.  I didn't say hard, I said worrisome.  But you get a lot of coverage with it too.  As I mentioned before, the addition of the annex is a HUGE advantage.  I mean, you get a closed off room for changing or whatever.  If you want to get naked before bed, you can do that and not have to scare everyone around you.

     It's only been the last year-ish that I've really started looking at the hard shells and though they are more expensive, there are also some awesome benefits.  The first being, they just setup so easily!!  You literally pop two - four buckles(depending on the model you have) and bam, you're ready to crawl in bed.  Between that and the slim lines of them, they just cut through the air so much better.  Not only that, you don't have to worry as much about puncturing your tent due to low hanging tree limbs.  

     After all of that, maybe I've helped someone decide which tent to go with.  I just don't want to see anyone eaten by bears because they were sleeping on the ground.

But as always, this is Rich, signing off.  


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