Hell of a 4th

    After and absolutely awesome 4th of July with friends new and old, it’s hard to not look around and be super grateful for everything we have and everything we’re able to do in this great country. Although the times may be getting more and more interesting, we as a country have SO many more freedoms available to us than so many people in the world. You may bitch about our current leader or some of the boobs running this country, but at least we have the freedom to do that without being black-bagged and hauled off to some work camp. 

    I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m really into weaponry and I catch myself giggling at so many people celebrating the 4th. Let’s keep in mind the only reason we’re celebrating the 4th is because citizens were armed and didn’t take shit. So let’s all think about that as we’re reflecting on the past weekend/holiday and be grateful we do live in such a great country. That being said, he’s to God, guns, and country. As always, this is Rich signing off.

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