Camp and Truck Lighting

     One common trend across the board with all of my vehicles has always been lighting and I have always been a HUGE fan.  There's just something awesome about rolling through the countryside, just blasting darkness out with light.  It just makes me feel good!!  Not to mention, there is a lot of wildlife in my neck of the woods, so it just makes more sense to be able to see all around you.  But the problem I see these days, is when is there too much light?? If you're into guns and own weapons with lights, you know at some point, too much light really interferes.  The point I'm trying to make is this, are all 19 of the forward facing light bars on your truck really helping you see better??  I mean, at some point, you just end up washing everything out and then YOU can't see.  This is a problem you run into when doing a lot of dense forest travel, so if you're in the middle of the dessert, I'm not talking to you. Which brings me to my next point, 360 degree lighting is awesome, but not always the best for camp setup. I mean, lets face it, 5K lumens per light are only going to dampen your camp duties.  That's another reason I've become such a fan of rock lights.  Yeah, they do look really cool and that's not what really matters, but they're incredibly useful for the fact that they're indirect.  Now, I'm not talking about the ones that strobe.  That just dumb, unless you're entering into a truck show, which I don't do much of.  The whole reason I'm talking about all this, is I'm approaching the point of adding my camp lights and off road lights and placement is everything.  Anyway, I hope I didn't piss off any one too bad.  If I did, I'm not sorry, your rig probably looks stupid anyway.  


Until next time, this is Rich signing off. 

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