Week 1

Hey guys, I’ll be doing a blog once or so a week updating everyone one about trips, daily shit, builds, reviews, and all kinds of other things. 


This week is going to be a big damn time, I’m finally getting my 60 series in the shop for some long over due maintenance.  On the list of shit to do:

Rear Main Seal

Clutch Fork and Throwout Bearing

Spark Plugs and Wires



Rebuild Kit for Carb


My hope is that she quits acting the fool after all of that. I bought this truck as a project truck, I just didn’t expect everything to happen at once. But that’s life, shit happens and this is nothing new to me. However, I can’t wait to have her better and back and firing on all cylinders. If everything goes well and I’m satisfied with how she’s running for the time being, we’re going to build bumpers to help the suspension settle and possibly go ahead and add a roof rack. Lots to still do on this ole girl and I hope everyone sticks around to see what happens. 


Signing off, 


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