Bringing the Rebuild to a Close

      With the rebuild of my 60 coming to a close, I can’t wait to get her out and play with all of my new toys!!  Besides the obvious things,(things you can see and that being the new cvt hardshell, rhino rack, and foxwing awning) I’ve added the dual battery system from Off Grid Engineering, a ARB 50 quart fridge/freezer, a 1000 watt power inverter, and about 12 USB ports throughout the truck and tent. I’ve added a few sets of Baja Designs lights around the truck already and plan to add a few more. We’re going to get back in the fab shop next week and start drawing up the rear bumper and that thing will be nothing short of epic. I’m a camp cook, so I want lots of counter space, without having to carry multiple tables. 

     The first weekend of November, we’re heading down to the Tampa-ish area for some full auto fun, wheelin, and camping. If that isn’t a mans weekend, I don’t know what is. My only concern, damnit, is I hope it isn’t hot.  But ya know, if it is, we’ll just drink through it!  That generally works as long as it isn’t too bad.

Anyway, hope to see some of you readers out there camping, make sure to come say hello.

And as always, this is Rich signing off.  

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