Derrick Oursler - Founder

"Derrick is a party packed into human form. He taught me so much while having fun and wheeling till the cows came home, literally. It took me a few days to understand his Alabama accent over the radio, but I truly missed all of his fun facts on the way home after we parted ways." - Jenna Kazmier

"Team leader and my overlanding mentor. Straight to the point and calls BS on the spot." -Jim Kazmier

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Matt Granger - Co-founder

"Matt is that guy who always has a calm approach to things and balances out my ideas as they are sometimes a little out there. And brings things back to center, while he didnt make the latest trip with us he is a huge part of our continued success- Derrick"


Rich Ivey

Public Relations

"I don't think I ever saw Rich without a smile in his face throughout the entire trip, except when he broke his new jar. Rich can lighten up any situation with a little laugh or wise crack." - Jenna Kazmier

"Rich  is the type of guy you want to have in your group. He is always upbeat always down to party and will jump in to help anyone no matter what is going on. He's also the celebrity of the group so theres that too. - Derrick Oursler

"War. Damn. Eagle. Always happy and positive, no matter how shitty you feel he's there to make you laugh." - Jim Kazmier


Jim Kazmier

Community Outreach

This guy, Everyone should know this guy

"Despite the god awful plague that swept my outer little family off its feet, Jim and I had a blast making memories with our kids. We have been to gather almost 14 years and I still think we learned a thing or two about each other on this trip. I can't wait to do it again." - Jenna Kazmier

I've only known Jim for a short time, but we became quick friends and both share a love for machine guns. Jim and his wife Jenna, are an awesome addition to the team and I'm super excited to do some more backcountry traveling with them both. - Rich Ivey

"Jim is just one of those guys that you meet and you say to yourself why haven't I known this guy for my entire life? He is the salt of the earth type of guy. He is above all a great father to his kids makes them his number one priority over anything else. You will also never catch him without his robot stick" - Derrick Oursler


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