2019 Overland Challenge

Date TBD

Registration opens Soon


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What is the overland challenge?

The overland challenge will make you fight man, machine, and nature in a set of challenges that will test your comfort zone. This rally style challenge will take you on some of the most scenic routes. You will travel  as a team exploring what the area has to offer to challenge both you and your team! Later you will be tested on your ability to sort through problems, mechanical failures, vehicle recovery and team challenges. All camping will be included for both nights of the challenge on private property with limited resources but a restroom will be available on site.

All proceeds from this challenge will be donated in full to a Veteran Operated Veteran Focused Charity.

How it will work:

Each day will consist of physical team challenges, technical vehicle obstacle work at the best off-road parks, public land navigation and other surprise challenges. Each team will receive the starting coordinates for the challenge approximately 7 days prior to the start of the challenge. Each morning, every team will be handed a list of challenges that must be completed before sundown. Each team will travel through some of the most rugged terrain that the area has to offer all while testing your navigational skills through public lands and private property. Each evening the challenge will finish on private property where camping has been prearranged for all of our competitors, you will need to provide all of your personal camping necessities however there will be a restroom onsite. 



Everyone wants to know how to win I get it! Scoring will be based on a numerical point system with proportional values assigned to your time, distance traveled and team challenge ranking. The winner will be the team with the most amount of accrued points at the end of the challenge.


Entrance to the Challenge

Driver and Co-Driver Entrance Fee- will include admittance to Georgia's best off-road parks, 2 nights of camping and all required permits. Plus a chance to win a host of great prizes $215

Each Vehicle must have a driver and co-driver. Each team must have a minimum of 2 vehicles per team with a max of 4.

Additional Passengers- Each additional passenger over the age of 12. $20 camping fee


The Vehicle:

A street legal vehicle that is not obnoxiously loud or unreliable. Because after all this is an Overland Challenge, this isn't intended for your rock buggies and dedicated trail rigs, this is for the self sufficient travelers. 

Each vehicle must have both front and rear recovery points attached to the frame

4wd required

31" or taller tires

Adequate ground clearance

At least 1 working winch per team(You will need it I promise)

Vehicle must be setup for self sustained travel, This means it should be completely self reliant i.e. sleeping, cooking and whatever else you might need on a 3 day expedition.


Recommended Equipment:

31" tall MT tire or 33" AT tire with good tread depth 

Locking Differentials (rear will suffice)

Extended Breathers

Recovery Boards( Maxtraxx, Tred Pro, or equivalent)


Tent (Shelter)

3 days worth of food and water

Spare fuel (if you drive a fuel guzzling monster that is)

Full Size Spare tire

GPS Offline Navigation software

Any required maps will be provided (though you can never have too many)

Recovery Equipment (Required)

Per vehicle: 

1x working winch.
1x pulley block rated for winch.
1x tree strap.
1x recovery strap


Prizes Donated by these fine sponsors's

If you would like to learn more about being a sponsor to this even please feel free to reach out to the email address below.

Overland Challange Financial Summary

Description of Charge

  • Payment Fee's $323.32
  • Morris Mtn Park $1,250.00
  • Choccolocco Mtn $1,125.00
  • Amazon $253.04
  • Home Depot $301.28
  • Tractor Supply $17.12
  • Event Prizes $358.00
  • Event Insurance $104.24
  • Kayak Rental $270.00
  • Total Expenses $4,002.00
  • Total Income $6,665.00
  • Total Donation To Team Overland $2,663.00

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