Welcome. My name is Matt, as a former CIA blacksite operator, I have always been assigned the job of coming up with new ways to test, torture, and torment my subjects. One of the ways I plan to do this at the 2019 Overland Challenge, is through several fast paced navigation tests. For a chance at gold on race day, you will need to learn some basic procedures beforehand.

Please pay close attention to the following tutorial as this will be your one chance to learn these procedures, during the race you will be on your own. If you are good with a phone, this should take you no time at all, just take it one slide at a time.

Screenshot_20190422-224553_Google Play Store.jpg

Search for Gaia GPS in the App Store

Download and Install It

Open The App

Create an Account

Screenshot_20190423-221729_Gaia GPS.jpg

If you did the above steps correctly, you should see a screen similar to this when you open the app.

Click the button at the top right that is circled in blue. It looks like a reticle from a rifle optic.

This will make the map lock on to your location and follow you when you move. It’s just like when you have to hit “Re-Center” on Google maps to get it to lock back on your location after you have been scrolling away on the map.

Screenshot_20190422-224754_Gaia GPS.jpg

In order to verify the accuracy of your team’s navigation skills, you will need to record your movements with this App.

This will protect you from any accusations of cheating or not following the intended course.

Just hit the Record button in the top left corner. It is circled in blue ink.

As a safety measure I would always be recording a Gaia track any time my team was rolling on race day. Plus if you ever want to return and run these trails, you will have the exact routes.

Screenshot_20190422-224925_Gaia GPS.jpg

Hit the clock where the Record button used to be and you can either pause the recording or finish your track for the day if you like.

Screenshot_20190422-224945_Gaia GPS.jpg

In the bottom right corner you will see a folder symbol called Saved. It is circled in blue ink.

Your tracks are saved in this folder for your reference.

Screenshot_20190422-225000_Gaia GPS.jpg

The Saved folder will look something like this.

Hope that was simple enough to follow. If you have questions on that, Google them or ask your grandkids for help. The next App is going to be a little more intricate, try and stay with me. I just need 5 more minutes from you, it shouldn’t be that bad.


Screenshot_20190422-152223_Google Play Store.jpg

The second App you will need is Avenza Maps.

Find it in the App store and download/install it.

Open the App and Create an Account.

Screenshot_20190422-152343_Avenza Maps.jpg

If you did the above steps correctly you should see a screen similar to this.

Click the orange plus symbol in the bottom right corner. It is circled in blue ink.

Screenshot_20190422-152355_Avenza Maps.jpg

You should get a drop down menu.

Select the Download and Import a Map option

Screenshot_20190422-152413_Avenza Maps.jpg

It should take to a screen that should look something like this.

Select the option with the shopping cart logo called" “ Get a map from the store”

Screenshot_20190422-152500_Avenza Maps.jpg

It should take to a screen that should look something like this.

Search Uwharrie or Badin Lake Recreation Area by typing it in to the search bar circled in blue ink.

Screenshot_20190422-152557_Avenza Maps.jpg

Click the orange button in the bottom right hand corner that has three lines.

Screenshot_20190422-152612_Avenza Maps.jpg

Click View as List from the drop down menu to make finding the map much easier.

Screenshot_20190422-160829_Avenza Maps.jpg

Locate and click on the Badin Lake Recreation Map. It is $1.99, it’s a public map, should be free, but it’s not. Come find me at the rally and I will refund you in fine cigars/bourbon.

The map is worth the $2 dollars.

Screenshot_20190423-230316_Avenza Maps.jpg

Your screen should say $1.99 where mine says Installed here circled in blue. Click that button to purchase and install the map.

Screenshot_20190422-162020_Avenza Maps.jpg

After buying and installing the map, you should be on a screen similar to this.

Hit the left back arrow at the top left of the screen, its circled in blue ink here.

Screenshot_20190422-162037_Avenza Maps.jpg

You should see a screen similar to this.

Click the My Maps symbol in the lower left hand corner.

Screenshot_20190422-223929_Avenza Maps.jpg

Click on the Badin Lake Recreation Area map that you just wasted $1.99 on.

Screenshot_20190422-223947_Avenza Maps.jpg

You should see the map on your screen.

Click the Pin with Three Lines symbol in the lower right corner, circled in blue ink.

Screenshot_20190422-223958_Avenza Maps.jpg

You should see a blank screen similar to this with Map Layers at the top.

We are now going to import a layer onto that map.

Click the three lined orange button in the bottom right hand corner circled in blue ink.

Screenshot_20190422-224011_Avenza Maps.jpg

Select Import Layers from the drop down menu.

Screenshot_20190422-224037_Avenza Maps.jpg

You should see a screen similar to this. Choose the option with the cloud symbol that says From Storage Locations circled in blue ink.

Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the file that was attached to the email that told you about this webpage.

Attached to the email that told you about this webpage was a file called

1555987284083_Badin Lake Recreation Area.kml

Download it to your device. And navigate to it through the steps above and select it.


Mine was in the “Downloads” folder. Select the file.


Screenshot_20190422-224232_Avenza Maps.jpg

If the steps above were followed correctly you should see a screen similar to this.

It should show the new layer that you imported with 4 Placemarks on it.

Screenshot_20190423-232643_Avenza Maps.jpg

Hit The Back Button To Return To The Map

Screenshot_20190422-225119_Avenza Maps.jpg

Hopefully you are looking at a screen like this one. It should be your map with 4 new waypoints on it. A purple, red, yellow and green pin spread out on the map.

You will be sent a layer like this on race day that you will need to add to this map via the same process.

This is part of the National Forest Navigation 4x4 Challenge.

Screenshot_20190423-231027_Avenza Maps.jpg

Just like the first map you are going to want to click the crosshair symbol to make the map lock on to your location and move with you.

You can try it now but it will say “Not currently on map”. Test it again when you arrive at the event and hopefully it should show your location as a blue dot at the Main Event center because it is actually on this map up near the Red Pin you just added.

The blue ink arrow is pointing to the crosshair symbol in the lower left corner.

Click the Pin and 3 Lines symbol again to go back to your Layers page.

Screenshot_20190423-233104_Avenza Maps.jpg

Click and hold the Layer with 4 Placemarks and it should turn orange like this.

When it does turn orange, select the 3 dot symbol in the top right corner.

Screenshot_20190423-233123_Avenza Maps.jpg

Delete this test layer so it does not mess you up on race day.

You are now good to go. You will just have to navigate to your email on race day to download the layer file that will have been sent to you. Make sure you can access your email from your mobile device on race day.

Download it and then navigate through the layers page on your Badin Lake map and find the file you downloaded from the email.

Just like we did for the test file above a second ago.

You will be taking a screenshot of your location dot when it is on top of the map waypoints that you will add. Make sure you know how to take a screenshot with your mobile device. Thanks for going through this and can’t wait to see you all next week!

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