Beach Camp

What’s better than camping and hanging out with friends and family? The answer is camping on the beach with all of your favorite peeps. Let me tell you, this has by far been the best camping experience in the state of Florida so far. It was a little nerve racking setting up camp wondering about how high the tide will rise, but who cares when you have a roof top tent.

It was a chilly night on the east coast when we camped at Peter’s Point, nothing a couple of bundles of firewood and a drink in your hand couldn’t fix. Peter’s Point is a little north of St. Augustine here in the sunshine state. After cruising a couple miles beach we settled in for the night and cooked up some Thanksgiving leftovers and watched the kids play in the sand and run from the waves. Just to rub it in a little more… we got to watch horses walk through the waves during sunset and sunrise.

There was one down side though, I think my tent still has sand in it from November despite all of my efforts. The wind whipped all night and the tide came up to about 5 feet from our tires, but it was so freaking cool. I slept like a log listening to the water and woke up to cook some bacon and eggs. I cannot wait to go back!

Life is about making memories. Adventure often & love much!

Until next time,


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