Knocking the dust off this keyboard.


Life has been absolutely insane lately with the full- time mom gig, wifing it up, adventuring all over the place, oh yeah… and that dreaded three letter word, my J.O.B. I’ve been slacking on the blog. I’m jumping back in now and have a lot to talk about.

The boys, Jim and I packed up and headed to Expo East in North Carolina in November. While there we hung out with our Southern Expeditions crew, froze and got covered in mud. We went through my two weeks worth of clothes in about 4 days. I learned a very important lesson at Expo, never leave home without rain/ mud boots for the entire family!   

After leaving expo we headed out to Uwharrie, NC to do some scouting for our 2019 Southern Rally. The weather never got better and we almost drowned like rats. Thankfully the Overland Experts guys got us hooked up with a sweet spot that was high and dry to set up camp. All I can say is that this rally is going to be of epic proportions if you love to wheel in some crazy terrain. 

The Southern Xpedtions team is gearing up for another big trip out west and have tons to do to get ready. At this point we have about 3 big things to check off our list before our Tacoma is ready for departure in mid March. I’m glad to finally get back behind the keyboard again and have quite a few tales to tell and lessons learned the hard way that I can’t wait to share with you all.

Life is about making memories. Adventure often & love much!

Until next time,


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