The Build


The first thing we had to do was figure out what type of vehicle was the best fit for our family and would get us where we wanted to go, which was the middle of nowhere. We also had to make sure we could afford the vehicle and all of the modifications that would be need. Another catch was that we had to be done and ready to hit the road in less than four months time. We were planning a trip from Florida to Denver to meet up with Bomber Products then take the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route to Flagstaff.

First we looked at FJ cruisers- too small, 4Runners- too expensive, then we found our girl. Beautiful Fiona, a 100 series Land Cruiser. Man she was sweet and the dealer had no clue what they had. Score!

First things first. Off came the running boards and mud flaps. Then we added a  2.5’’ heavy suspension lift from Slee Off- Road and 285/75/16 Toyo MT tires. After many calls to Derrick we got Rhino Racks and an awesome Mt. Denali CVT roof top tent with more than enough room for all four of us. 

My dad, being the incredible craftsman he is, helped us build a custom 3- drawer system that fit the double burner Camp Chef we already had. We used 3/4” berch and got 3 sets of 500 lb locking slides. By the time we were done I think we added what seemed to be about 1000 pounds of stuff to our old girl.  She’s still a beast! 

Not only did we make it as a family on our amazing trip out west, we kicked ass!!! That 100 made some of the toughest trails seem like a trip to granny’s. She climbed some hardcore stuff out in Moab, crossed some rivers and made a pretty nice place to call home and chill.

Since we built the 100 a year and a half ago we bought a Tacoma that looks like we are prepping for doomsday. I’m not going to lie, that 100 could blow that taco out of the water when it comes to wheeling. I love our old girl and I’m having a heck of a time coming to terms that she needs to find a new home. Our time traveling in ol’ Fiona will never be forgotten.


Life is about making memories. Adventure often & love much!

Until next time,


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