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Overlanding Family Style

Introduction to my little world

So I am as new to blogging now as I was to camping less than two years ago. To get acquainted you should know that I am married to Jimmy, the bearded Southern Xpeditions dude. We have two crazy little boys that are only 22 months apart, Daniel is now 5 and Jake is 3. Jim and I decided it would be a good idea to jump into this overloading lifestyle with both feet and we have never looked back since. I never thought that our first big adventure would be taking my family on a 4,000 mile trip across the country with a bunch of dudes I had never met, all of which were men with no children. Everyone warned me it was a bad decision, boy were they wrong! (for the most part).

As I have been batting around the idea of starting this blog I didn’t quite know how I should attack it, most fun, coolest places or toughest obstacles to overcome? But me being the way I am, chronologically makes the most sense. I will take you on a journey from where I started, driving a Hyundai Elantra getting 35 mpgs and the closest thing to camping I ever did was stay at a KOA cabin as a kid. 

I really hope you, the readers, get as much entertainment out of the stories and experiences I’m going to share as we all do sitting around the campfire rehashing the adventures, inside jokes and wisdom we’ve gained becoming the Southern Xpeditions family that we are today and that I love so much!

Life is about making memories. Adventure often & love much!

Until next time,


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